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If you really don"t want to lớn have sầu an Apple ID associated with your identity, it is possible khổng lồ delete it. Here"s how to lớn eliminate the Apple-centric trương mục.

There are a few reasons to delete an Apple ID trương mục completely, including some that are quite sensible và plausible. For example, a person may have sầu multiple accounts set up by accident but only wants khổng lồ use one and not the other.

On the other over of the scale, there"s reasons such as no longer wanting lớn be associated with Apple or its products at all, or a person wishing lớn disassociate themselves from giải pháp công nghệ as a move sầu khổng lồ go "off-grid."

As Apple has a svào trachồng record concerning user privacy, the deletion of an Apple ID is quite easy to accomplish, much lượt thích the ability khổng lồ request all of the data it has on file for your tài khoản. However, the action of deleting the tài khoản can have sầu far-reaching effects.

Obviously, the main change is that you cannot sign in khổng lồ an Apple ID once it has been deleted. Apple removes the trương mục details associated with the Apple ID, permanently deleting them & making them unusable for all Apple services, such as the App Store, iTunes, Apple Pay, iMessage, & any purchased or downloadable content on those services.

This also means any user data associated with the account stored on Apple"s servers will be deleted, including any photographs, videos, documents, và other nội dung stored in iCloud. Even Apple Store appointments và AppleCare support cases are canceled as part of the process, but it doesn"t cancel any repairs or Apple Store orders.

Any subscriptions linked khổng lồ the tài khoản will be automatically canceled at the over of their billing cycles, but you won"t be able to use your Apple ID lớn access them. Users enrolled in the iPhone upgrade program will continue khổng lồ make payments for their devices.


Rather than deleting data, deactivation suspends access to the Apple ID tài khoản completely, including all data associated with it. Processing and access of the data ceases almost completely on Apple"s side, with the exception of items where it is obligated khổng lồ use it for legal purposes, such as for financial returns.

The over result is practically the same as for trương mục deletion, as it has effectively identical results for users, except for the possibility of bringing the account back online with all data intact.

Under the heading Temporarily deactivate your account, cliông chồng the link to Request to lớn deactivate your account.On the new page, select a reason for deactivating from the dropdown box, then clichồng Continue. After going through a checkdanh sách of things khổng lồ bear in mind when deactivating the tài khoản, clichồng Continue. đánh giá the Deactivation Terms và Conditions, tichồng the checkbox, và cliông xã Continue. Tell Apple how lớn receive status updates on the account"s deactivation, then clichồng Continue. This can include a different Apple ID, an gmail address, or a phone number. Make a record of the access code Apple provides, & clichồng Continue. Enter the access code lớn confirm what you noted down was correct, and cliông xã Continue. Chechồng the final reminders of the effects of trương mục deactivation, then cliông chồng Deactivate account. On the confirmation screen, clichồng Sign out.

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Again, there is a lag of a few days before Apple deactivates the tài khoản, & you could supply the access code to Apple Support khổng lồ Hotline off the deactivation. Unlike the deletion process, you must keep the access code for your Apple ID in a safe place, as you need lớn supply it khổng lồ Apple to lớn restore the tài khoản in the future.


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