Xem Phim Hoạt Hình Lavar_Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch 2014 Ep 8

Two curious worms spover their days investigating the otherworldly objects that fall through the grate into lớn their subterranean world.

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The larvae fight over a doughnut; Red, Yellow & Brown scramble khổng lồ keep a fire alive; The larvae try to lớn bloông xã a blizzard from entering their shelter.


The larvae lead a rat on a high-wire chase; Red và Yellow find trouble in a jar of garlic cloves; Red awakens with creased eyelids that attract Pink.


The larvae get caught in the middle of a pigeon conversation; A nightmare about a deluge leads Red to build an ark; A mite becomes attached khổng lồ Yellow.


Brown's bad breath proves lớn be deadly; The larvae & Brown see how high they can staông xã objects; Yellow tests a few theories on who stole his food.

The larvae try to lớn escape a pair of windshield wipers; Yellow gets fed up with Red & seeks revenge; A bug collector traps the larvae và their pals.

A brain injury turns Yellow inkhổng lồ a high-tech superhero; Yellow finds himself adrift at sea; A stick insect becomes an accidental fashion model.

The larvae taunt a mosquikhổng lồ that's chasing them; The stichồng insect falls in love sầu, but it has a deadly effect on him; The larvae get trapped on a ledge.

Yellow makes a sacrifice to lớn save sầu Red; Red wants Yellow's girlfriend for himself; The larvae unexpectedly leave Thành Phố New York and are taken on a wild ride.

Freed from the confines of the underground, Red and Yellow are living in a small apartment, và ready to meet a new bunch of creatures.

Red và Yellow find food (và danger) around every corner; Red struggles khổng lồ blow bubbles; Red, Yellow and Brown get locked in the freezer; và more.

A simple spider bite grants Yellow incredible powers; Red is heartbroken; Yellow gets a little too good at plate-spinning; and more.

A trapped Blaông chồng needs Yellow & Red's help lớn break free; Red & Yellow give sầu other insects makeovers; Red won't share his chewing gum; và more.

Red và Yellow attempt lớn build their own arms và legs; Rainbow urges Yellow lớn get in shape; Prism gets caught in a fan; and more.

Red isn't sure whether he's asleep or awake; Yellow finds cookies that foretell the future; Red finds (và loses) love; and more.

Red & Yellow get locked out in the cold; Red và Yellow recount their first meeting; Red and Yellow stage a competitive car race; và more.

Red bumps his head and gets amnesia; Blaông chồng và Brown pay the price for eating beans; a frog wants khổng lồ eat Red and Yellow; and more.

Red và Yellow yearn to be butterflies; the gang eats some bad berries; Red & Yellow come face-to-face with a wrecking ball; and more.

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Curious worms Red và Yellow investigate the strange objects that fall through a grate into lớn their subterranean world.

Red and Yellow fight over an ice cream that falls down the grate. A strange liquid makes mushrooms grow. Red and Yellow get stuông xã to the same gum.

Red và Yellow are hit by a bolt that gives them an amazing và mysterious power. After an emotional day, Red metamorphoses inlớn a cocoon.

Yellow & Red defend themselves from an attacking swarm of insects with snowballs. Red & Yellow are caught in a flood và in danger of drowning.

It’s Christmas Eve sầu, Red & Yellow are freezing, và Santa Claus appears with a gift for them. A familiar-looking "terminator" visits the grate.

Yellow & Red are bitten by a mosquikhổng lồ and turn inkhổng lồ vampires. The cloông chồng is keeping Red & Yellow awake, so Yellow starts khiêu vũ.

Yellow & Red are stuông xã with superglue. A spider catches everyone in its web. Yellow decides khổng lồ take care of a baby chick.

A prince with magic powers falls into the grate và Red wants to lớn take advantage of hyên. A subterraneous monster has swallowed Yellow, và Red’s next.

Pink turns inlớn a cocoon, about lớn transkhung inkhổng lồ a butterfly. Red và Yellow compete against Brown & Black in a show on ice.

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