Difference between made of and made from

Is made

To talk about types of material or to lớn say what something consists of, we often use is made, which is the passive size of make.

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There are a few different prepositions commonly used after is made, each expressing something slightly different.

First, let’s look at the difference between offrom, i.e. is made of versus is made from.

Made of

We use made of to lớn speak about material:

Lego is made of plastic.All of their furniture is made of oak.

Made from

We usually use made from khổng lồ explain that a material is created by modifying another material:

Glass is made from sand. Glass is made of sand.Paper is made from wood. Paper is made of wood.

Other prepositions after is made

You may have heard someone say that something is made out of something. We say this when we want lớn draw attention lớn the manufacturing process of something. It’s common when speaking about art exhibitions, for instance:

The exhibition had miniature cars & buses made entirely out of chocolate.All the exhibits were made out of ice.

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Made of is also possible in the two examples above.

Here are some hands made out of paper – making planes out of paper.


Photo: fiddleoak

When speaking about cooking ingredients và our favourite recipes, we usually say that something is made with that ingredient:

She always makes her soups with lots of pepper and spices.It’s best lớn make drinking chocolate with full-fat milk.

Finally, there is made up of, which means consist of:

Phrasal verbs are made up of verbs & adverbs.Our presentation today is made up of three sections: ‘Company History’, ‘Today’, và ‘Our Future’.

What if I use the wrong preposition?

As you can see, the differences are sometimes very subtle. The good news is that if you use the wrong preposition after is made, people will still usually understand you. & as I mentioned above, in some cases the prepositions are interchangeable.