Don'T Stop Eighth Note!

Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo is a fun screaming game that is storming the Facebook community. How gamers will need lớn shout to lớn help the game character can run the longest distance, achieving the highest score.

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The Facebook network community is becoming vibrant và bustling by funny games Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý. Possessing extremely chất lượng & strange gameplay without any similar game, the player will use the voice, rather than his shouting voice lớn control the play character.

Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo has a very simple interface. The play character is a stylized single hook, which can act as a run or jump lượt thích other game characters. And this frikết thúc will be the one who accompanies us during the obstacle course. You will have to yell loudly và loudly to bring the Eighth chú ý through all obstacles, scoring the highest score. Currently, gamers can thử nghiệm themselves with version Don"t Stop! Eighth Note for smartphones, và now Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo PC version. In the article below, we will guide you how lớn play Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý on PC.

The movement khổng lồ shout và shout at the game Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý causes storms

Don"t Stop! The Eighth chú ý game screams hilariously on the PC

Download the game Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý PCDownload Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý AndroidDownload the game Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý iOS

Step 1:

First tải về the game liên kết Don"t Stop! The Eighth lưu ý came down lớn the computer and proceeded khổng lồ extract the file. After that, we will launch the game"s file.


Step 2:

The interface of Don"t Stop! The first Eighth cảnh báo will look like the picture below. If the user wants khổng lồ thử nghiệm himself in the rankings, he can register an trương mục. We cliông xã on Sign Up khổng lồ register for a play account on Unity. If you already have sầu an trương mục, just press Log in.


The interface for gaming trương mục registration Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý is also very simple, just enter ID and Pass , then cliông xã Sign Up is done. If you do not want lớn register an trương mục, just press Skip is okay.

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Step 3:

Your next step is lớn prepare a microphone or headphone with a mic attached so that it can be used to lớn control the game character. We will start with Stage 1 .

See also how lớn phối up a Microphone khổng lồ record on computers & laptops

Chechồng out some basic errors when using Microphone, Headphone to record, record audio on PC.


Step 4:

The game interface will include playing time in the top right corner, the ranking chart will rank when clicking Rank. Below will be the sound adjustment bar.


Now you just need to say or shout inkhổng lồ the mic khổng lồ control the character playing on the road. Just like the version Don"t Stop! Eighth Note on smartphones, the game will bring obstacles to challenge us. You just need to lớn adjust the intensity of the proper shout lớn bring the Eighth Note safe obstacle. The game will be based on the time that we complete a Stage lớn put you on the ranking list.


That"s very interesting ?! You won"t need lớn install Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo on PC too many operations, besides the game has extremely light capacity. How khổng lồ play the game Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý is very simple, just use your voice và shout to lớn control the character. Tell you if we want lớn relieve sầu găng, relieve your áp lực, play funny games Don"t Stop! Eighth Note is also a good way.